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‘Party like a Parisian’ - OnePlate Fundraising Event - 13 October 2018

‘Party like a Parisian’ fundraising event!

Being an ambassador for OnePlate and creating petit fours (sweet and savoury) for a French themed fundraising party was an absolute honour and supporting a worthy cause! The venue was located at Flowers Vasette and was the perfect space to hold the sparkling event. It was decorated with the most amazing, scented and colourful flowers that surrounded guests and was just gorgeous. The cocktails were specially created for the event, food was continuously making it way through the crowd, entertainment was lively and matched the French atmosphere perfectly and with generous hearts of guests making sure fundraising reached high levels to support important OnePlate projects.

Although I was catering and in the kitchen with an amazing team of helpers for most of the night, we could feel the electric and vibrant atmosphere floating into our kitchen space...I loved it! It was busy in the kitchen but with an exciting buzz.

Until our next OnePlate Charity event!

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