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Potato Pizza

Many in my family would remember this gorgeous thin potato pizza an aunty used to make. It was one of my absolute favourite plain pizza's growing up and we all loved. The dough is very similar to making gnocchi but with self raising flour and without eggs. Oven baked with olive oil, salt and plenty of cracked pepper. I could definitely eat a whole potato pizza myself but I do share....sometimes!


500g potatoes, boiled/peeled/mashed through a ricer

100g SR Flour, approx - plus extra as needed

1 tsp salt


  1. Preheat oven to 200°C.

  2. Mix and combine all three ingredients well. Add extra SR flour as needed, the dough shouldn’t be too sticky or too dry. Do not over work the dough either.

  3. Oil only or line/oil a baking tray. Gently spread the potato dough and press to spread as evenly as possible. Try to aim for a thin dough pizza layer.

  4. Top and spread a good amount of olive oil.

  5. Add salt and cracked pepper.

  6. Score/slice the surface in a diagonal pattern but do not cut all the way through.

  7. Bake approx 20min or until light golden.

  8. Enjoy immediately on its own or add onto antipasti, cheese or charcuterie platters.


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