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About Me

Food was an important part of my Italian upbringing and there was a family dish suited to every occasion. My favourite memory as a little girl was sitting on the kitchen step watching my mum make pasta and stealing some off the table before they were even cooked! Watching how easy and effortlessly she would combine all ingredients then roll out and produce her pasta creations, knowing she would have watched and learnt from her own mother also.


My food memories are strongly kept alive today, with recipes like my homemade pasta, special occasion sweet treats and of course comfort food. I'm making sure my family do not forget these traditions and I want to share my passion with you so everyone can have the same experience. This was one of the reasons why I applied and became a MasterChef Australia 2017 contestant - to share and show my recipes can be created by everyone! 


There are times I like to experiment and not just stay in my comfort zone of Italian cuisine. I thank my family and some special friends for being my ongoing taste testers! 


I hope you’ll love my website, blog and recipes as much as I do. Food always brings families and friends together which create memories to treasure... so let's start!

Pia Gava during her Italian Cicchietti Class
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