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South Melbourne Night Markets

South Melbourne Night Markets usually run in summer during January and February. Some of my MasterChef Alumni friends teamed up with me for a foodie stall at the night market on 25 January and 22 February 2018. During our first night market stall a portion of the proceeds went to charity OnePlate.

Both our stalls were a success! Thank you to our legend team that had joined me: Jess Butler, Branden Khou and Charlie Sartori. We loved creating the whole set-up, prepping food, continuous laughter, excitement, the crowds devouring our food, soaking up the night market atmosphere… and a few photos with MasterChef fans here and there! It was fast paced but we successfully managed to keep the stalls running smoothly. My daughter had put up with our craziness during both nights while taking customer orders and also behind the scene help from my husband and son. We had an absolute ball!!

The South Melbourne Night Market is definitely one place to explore and experience, check their website here!

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