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Our Mini Sydney Food Tour: 22 - 24 June 2018

My daughter and I had ventured to Sydney for our own mini food tour!

Arriving in Sydney is similar to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, people racing around with a purpose and forever busy. We checked into our hotel room and loved the view, we admired the view for a moment then ventured out on our food adventure.

We tackled our walking journey through Sydney with confidence and taste buds ready and waiting. Some places were enough to only visit once but others we would definitely re-visit. We also caught up with some of my MasterChef friends which was like visiting family.

Near our hotel we found a gorgeous place called ‘Two Good Eggs Café’ and was perfect for our breakfast. It was a cosy, bustling and quaint all-day breakfast cafe. I’ll definitely need to go back and try their lunch menu. We continued our mini walking tour, stopped for ice cream, coffee, even shopped (of course!) and one foodie/coffee pitstop was South American style roastery called ‘Reuben Hills’ and then amazing gelato at ‘Gelato Messina’, I had devoured a salted coconut and mango gelato…perfection! We also loved our coffee at gorgeous vintage cafe ‘Kawa Café’. Another cafe I would also visit again was 'The Paramount Coffee Project' with a menu of unique and gorgeous food.

Our last Sydney meal was lunch at ‘Flour Drum’ and all-day eatery. You’re welcomed with a rustic charm and cosy feel. When it comes to coffee I usually love a simple espresso or flat white, no fluff of low fat, half this and that ...well it seems I’ve joined the chic crowd and found my new favourite - golden turmeric almond milk latte and accompanied with a gorgeous mini slab of dark choc rocky road/turkish delight. It was so delicious that I nearly bought two more mini slabs to take home but didn’t think they would’ve made it back to Melbourne!

Until our next mini food tour!

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