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1 Night in Abruzzo Dinner - 29 August 2019

An amazing dinner event ‘1 Night in Abruzzo’ was held at Nonna's Cucina Restaurant celebrating all things Italian. I was honoured to be asked and be part of the team, helping create the menu and in the kitchen. It definitely was a great night, gorgeous guests and brilliant kitchen team. We were excited the menu turned out perfectly and the atmosphere was filled with laughter, music and great conversation. Everyone went home with goodie bags filled with a generous dinner voucher and Italian foodie treats of polenta from Basile Imports and cherry tomato tins from Mutti. Thank you to Cobram Estate for supplying extra virgin olive oil to assist in creating our menu.

Our 4 course dinner menu was matched with Abruzzese Wines: - Aperitivo with Prosecco: Eggplant Fritters, Pane, Olio e Pomodoro (Bruschetta), Squagliozzi (Fritters) - Entree: my signature Gnocchi Gorgonzola with parmesan crisp - Main: Traditional Abruzzese style Porchetta served with spinach, parmesan and potatoes - Dessert: Pizza di Ricotta Dolce

It’s amazing how passionate foodies are when we plate each course for guests, we treat each plate like our babies and trying to making sure everything is perfect. Thank you to everyone who was part of our dinner and we’re so happy everyone enjoyed the evening!

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