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Easy Individual Tiramisu

This is a variation from the original tiramisu which uses egg in the cream mixture.

I created this version as my mum wasn’t able to have raw egg for a period of time due to health reasons. Finding a cream mixture that was still flavoursome and not dominated by just cream was a challenge. I still use both thickened cream and mascarpone but what gives this recipe its full bodied and rounded taste is the added kiss of honey.

This has now become the family favourite and sometimes I might vary the ingredients and create chocolate only or added freeze dried raspberries instead!

Serves 8 – 125ml glasses approx.


200ml espresso coffee, cooled

4 tbsp Frangelico (optional!)

8-10 Savoiardi sponge biscuits

500ml Cream, lightly whipped/soft peaks

500g mascarpone cheese (softened, room temp)

2 tbsp honey

Cocoa powder, to sift onto biscuits and over topped mascarpone cream.

Zest of 2 Oranges - over biscuits and sprinkle over mascarpone cream layer

8 tbsp/125g Pistachio - chopped, over biscuits and sprinkle over mascarpone cream layer

Chocolate shavings for garnish


  1. Brew percolated coffee, add sugar to taste and add Frangelico (optional).

  2. Place cream and whip to soft peaks then add honey and softened mascarpone gently mix through the cream. Being careful not to split mixture. Place cream mixture into piping bag.

  3. Break or cut Savoiardi biscuits into 2-3cm pieces and place into individual glasses then add the coffee liquid into in each glass until biscuits are completely soaked through.

  4. Top biscuits with sifted cocoa, ½ tsp of orange zest and ½ tsp of chopped pistachio.

  5. Pipe cream mixture in a circle movements into each glass until a centre peak forms. Top cream with sifted cocoa, orange zest and chopped pistachio.

  6. Enjoy!


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